Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ella Rose + Isaac

Maybe it's too soon to call it, but so far Ella Rose has treated Isaac just like part of the family. She hasn't hit or punched or kicked or bitten him one time...and if it's gonna happen, it already would have, right?? She has, however, hugged and kissed and patted and rubbed and loved on him a-plenty. I'm hoping that God has just chosen to bless us with loving children...or at the very least, that Ella Rose is just young enough that she doesn't know the difference - and she has a "everyone's welcome" type of attitude. It could happen.

"Now, why is he in my lap again?"


She is fascinated with all his little baby parts.

ER's favorite thing to do to ev-er-y-bod-y these days. "Ponk ponk."

Just a bonus shot... could it get any cuter??!