Sunday, July 20, 2008

Water Baby

I went on my very first family vacation last week! Momma, Daddy, and I went with Honey & Dandad, Sissa & Jon Jon, Esten, Molly, Drew, Kiki, and Connor (we missed you, Uncle Ian). We stayed at a house on Greers Ferry Lake and we had a great time! My daddy made SURE I didn't get anything even resembling a tan, so I've got nothing to show for my time on the water...but since no one can actually tell I was at the lake, I thought I'd post some pictures to prove it.

I tried on my shades, but Daddy thought they may look better on him. We decided that they, in fact, did not.

I loved the mermaids on my first suit. (Daddy didn't like the idea of me showing off my goods in a tiny weeny bikini, so I settled for a tankini.)

I bathed in the kitchen sink - I had to get all the gooey sunscreen off.

Me giving Dandad some face lovin'.

While on the boat, I mulled over the meaning of my playpen.
This was my very first time ever in any water other than the bath tub. Let's just say that I didn't do well...
I enjoyed the wind in my hair.
On our (rocky) beach front at the house.
Family pic after we came in from the lake.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Happy Birthday, USA.

We went to Nana & Papaw's house last weekend to celebrate the 4th. It was really fun - but then again, it always is. I get lots of attention... someone is always holding me. I'm living the good life.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I speak the truth...through my fashion.

My mom found this onesie and I had to have it, because it's so true...

...and honestly, wouldn't you rather see me naked??

Daddy's Chair

Every daddy has a "chair", and now that I'm a big girl (6 months old on the 10th to be exact) I like to sit in my daddy's chair sometimes.

We can both fit in his chair!